In this episode we discuss the passing of those we have known and some we have not. We then honour them by discussing one of our favourite pastimes, BEER, BEER AND MORE BEER

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In this episode we discuss thing like the Golden Globes, arts funding, principal murder, and Elliots' misguided knowledge of Twitter

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In this episode, we recover from our Christmas hangover. We learn that try as he might Elliot is still not a carpenter. It must be the house right? We also discuss such things as the fact that some ambulance workers didn't have to work on Christmas, how the lawyers that pay for themselves can't get their moneys worth, and how if you do stupid shit , people will talk about you.  

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In this episode we resolve. Short Episode this week as we were Christmas hungover and ran out of steam before we even got an hour recorded. Longer next week as we won't be so tired.

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