In this episode we talk food. And by the end of the episode you can tell we were getting pretty drunk. The downside of recording two episodes back to back. Maybe we shouldn't do that anymore. Or maybe we should, if it made the show better, we will totally be willing to get wasted every sunday.

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In this weeks episode we discuss the recent municipal election and how Elliot feels about people that don't vote. Also covered is how Branden was effected by the loss of his best friend, and how that served as the catalyst for everything. Also the first episode where we got permission to use Stay Close To Your Sons By The Lance Lapointe Band as our theme song.

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In this episode your hosts are joined by Port Alberni Author Kim Cormack.

We talk about Writing, Tsunami Floatsam, Kim Jong il, This, That and if Zombies Poop.

Little longer episode but we hope you enjoy it.

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This will be our last new episode of 2011 as we are taking a week off but next week we will post two of our older banked episodes. The sound quality is a little off but please listen in anyways.

Merry Christmas

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In this abbreviated Episode, we answer a listeners comment. 

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In this episode we hear about Brandens knee surgery and discover that he can't debate Christmas very clearly while on painkillers. Also we discover that we don't really know about the holiday traditions of other religions. Plus we learn that Elliot still hates Christmas.

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In this episode we discover what led to the beginning of this podcast by paying homage to Lunchie as well as the fact that Elliot is not very fond of Christmas. I mean really, He kinda hates it.

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Your hosts discuss more retarded things for your listening pleasure. Like eating your pets, why tigers eat their young, and why Elliot isn't a carpenter. 

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Branden Grieder and Elliot Drew have beaten the odds and released a second episode. And THEY said we would never make it. But we'll show THEM. Whoever THEY are

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