In This Episode

We Are Joined By

The Drummer For Canadian Independent Band

Calling All Wave

Brian Higgins

We Discuss Such Things As

Prison Love, Secret Commando Units That Aren't So Secret

Dick Clark, Levon Helm, Touring Life, 

And A Royal Decree.

Plus So Much More

Even Play Some Songs

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In This Episode

We Discuss such things as

Bullying Overweight People

Branden's Want For The Hunger Games

Elliot's Resignation To Getting Old

Why Is Being A Dick Bad?

The Small Town Feature Of The Week 

And An Iceland Double Feature

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In This Episode

We present

The second half

Of our Epic conversation with


Lance Lapointe

In this half,

We discuss

Star Trek, Childrens Hospital,

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy,

The Things We Will Do For Our Parents, Fundraisers

And Again

So Much More!

Lance also Performs a couple songs for your listening pleasure

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In This Episode

We are joined by Singer/Songwriter

Lance Lapointe

We wade deep into Small Town Living, Covering a massive range of topics.

We talk shit about Music, The Arts, Homies lost too soon, Kids, Touring, 100 Years of our Small Town, And so much more. Oh, So Much More

This Episode was not our usual format but still has all the segments,

You have come to love, and is the first part of a three and a half hour long epic podcast.

We will be releasing the second half next week.


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