In This Episode

We discuss The Oscars, A Stupid Car Salesman, Stupid Quotes,and plenty of movie trivia and info.

And Don't forget to listen for this weeks Iceland News.

Poor Iceland,

We're not trying to pick on you,

We just find it fun to talk about your country.

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In this episode we discuss such things as:

The Simpsons 500th Episode, #TellVicEverything, Nasa's 8 Year Opportunity,

A Heart Attack Inducing Burger, Flying Wallenda's and Babysitting Bulldogs.

We also talked about Small Town Papers and

The Brakes Permanently Being Applied To Wheels.

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In this episode we talk shit about other peoples shit.

Like Whitney Houstons Death,A Wholly Mammoths Credit Issues,A Dads Way Of Censoring His Daughters Facebook,Icelands Population,The Reason The Show Ended Suddenly Last Week,

And Another Edition Of Carpentry Corner With Branden This Time. 

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In this episode we discuss topics such as dumb ass drug dealers, cougars (Both Kinds), husbands that are the ones getting screwed, I mean honoured. Then we move in to a local happening and Elliot had to get all serious about it. Like his opinion matters about local shit or something. Then to end the show we get a little visit from Brandens wife with some breaking news.

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In this episode we discuss how crime in a town where everybody know everybody is really dumb. Also how Facebook billionaires are about to get even more billions. Then we move on to our encounters with highway patrol officers. And we finish strong with Branden's weight loss challenge. We went long again, we just can't help ourselves. We like to talk shit about shit.

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